I am a practicing, licensed naturopathic doctor. This website exists to evaluate naturopathic medicine through the lens of current evidence and scientific practice. It is not a skeptic site per se; there are plenty of those. Nor is it devoted to (selectively) using current evidence and science to prove that naturopathy is true. The goal is to improve the ability of naturopathic medicine to provide safe, effective treatment to the patients it serves, not to destroy it or its practitioners.

I know many, many fine naturopathic doctors who vaccinate, and follow evidence-based standards of care. Many serve lower income populations, including in community health centers. These are not usually the individuals who are often featured on YouTube videos and blog posts. They are not selling spa treatments. They are typically paid less than MDs; those who are not covered by insurance often offer sliding scale. Others volunteer their services. My hope on this blog is also to feature these individuals and discuss how they have worked to base their practices upon the evidence.

This site does not exist to target individual naturopathic doctors. If possible, issues will be referenced without discussing individuals, and focus solely on therapies, protocols, and underlying ideas. If that is not possible then what will be reported is the publicly available information. Leaked information, confidential conversations, and online forum postings will not be discussed here.

Les Witherspoon